Little Miss Fit Bear

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Finally, a concentrated chewable that tastes delicious!

No wonder thousands of Aussie women swear by the new body-boosting Little Miss Fit Bear!  In fact we're so sure you won't find a better way to support your fitness.   Feel the instant energy, enjoy a real lift to your mood, and get faster results by supporting healthy metabolism, appetite reduction, and fat blocking!

Because this multi-action formula is the first time highly concentrated levels of natures most powerful energy boosters, appetite reducers and fat blockers have been combined in an easy-to-swallow, delicious tasting chewable. 

Little Miss Fit Bear chewables contain a high-purity Garcinia (HCA) that targets the body's enzyme used for storing fat!  If the fat cannot be broken down by the enzyme it simply passes through the body without getting stored. This in turn encourages the body to burn existing fat stores for energy.  HCA also helps support serotonin the chemical responsible for mood and cravings. 

Plus Little Miss Fit Bear also includes anti-oxidant cleansing Green Tea extract known for its ability to help boost your energy and mental alertness while supporting your healthy metabolic rate and fat-burning potential.

You also get inulin the incredible fibre that will help make you feel fuller for longer and helps aid healthy digestion for the ultimate support when you diet.

But best of all!  This jam-packed Aussie-made supplement is easy to swallow because it tastes delicious.  Forget bulky pills-  Little Miss Fit Bear is easily chewable and sweetened with natural fruit so taking it is like enjoying a tasty treat. 

 Proudly made in Australia with love.

Inulin, Garcinia Cambogia dry fruit peel extract, Xylitol, Sweetener (967, 955, 183), Acid (330), Colloidal anhydrous silica, Magnesium stearate, Flavours, Camellia sinensis (Green tea) dry leaf extract, Colour (124).

Chew, dissolve or swallow 2 to 4 bears daily. Morning or evening. It is recommended to increase water consumption when taking this product. For best results use in conjunction with a balanced diet and a regular exercise program.

Multi-Action Weight Management Formula

Proudly made in Australia with love.

100% VEGAN





Unveiling The Fat Burning Secret

Australia's first and only chewable weight-management supplement, with synergised ingredients, all in one!

Our Formula is Designed to help manage cravings, suppress appetite, support your metabolism, whilst blocking the body’s natural ability to store fat. The formula also assists with your mental alertness, and can aid in boosting your mood or energy!

Our powerful ingredients, such as Inulin, green tea and the purest form of HCA that is sourced worldwide ~ these ingredients form enzymes that help break down fat.

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Multi Action Weight Management Formula

Increase Energy

Little Miss Fit Bear contains Green tea extract to support boosting energy levels and aid in a healthy metabolic rate.

The Garcinia is high purity and contains high levels of HCA which works by encouraging your body to use the fat as an energy source and burn this, before storing it as fat, promoting a keto state.

Support Metabolism

Garcinia and Green tea extract work together as a multi action weight management formula ~ powerful ingredients that will help suppress your appetite, support your metabolism, and increase energy for sustainability.

Manage Cravings

Garcinia supports healthy serotonin, which is a chemical in the brain, assisting in managing moods and cravings.

Sweetened by using Monk Fruit, it supports that "sugar hit" with of course, no sugar! Win Win.

Aid Belly Bloating

The first supplement to combine these gold standard energy boosters with Inulin - a super-fibre that helps aid digestion and dramatically reduce appetite and the appearance of belly-bloating!

Fat Burning Boost

The combination of our powerful ingredients, work as a mulit-action weight management forumla.

One of those ingredients is Garcinia, which is of high purity and contains high levels of HCA which works by encouraging your body to use the fat as an energy source and burn this, before storing it as fat.

Increase Energy
Support Metabolism
Manage Cravings
Aid Belly Bloating
Fat Burning Boost

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Little miss fit bear your chewable weight loss gummy bears are really good work very well


Taste was terrible. I couldn't chew them


Tastes terrible

Lena Pires

I am very happy

Laura Pikos

Chewable bears 🐻 keep me from feeling hungry. Need to start a diet regime before I see any weight loss. Planning on doing that soon