Q. How does it work?
A. Little Miss Fit Bear’s formula, contains ingredients that suppresses the appetite, increases energy levels, and supports metabolism. But most of all, it contains an enzyme that inhibits the body’s ability to store fat. It further stimulates your mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

Q. Can men also take Little Miss Fit Bear?
A. Absolutely! Our product was formulated for all genders and does NOT contain hormones.

Q. How much water should I have daily?
A. Water increase is super important, We highly recommend 1Litre plus daily, so you can wee out the enzymes rather than you sweating it out.

Q. How many ‘Bears’ should I take?
A. We recommend taking between 2-4 ‘Bears’ daily. Consume on an empty stomach or half an hour before eating. Remember to increase you water intake whilst taking this product.

Q. Are you Keto Friendly? 
A. Yes we're Keto friendly, the bears are a must have for your keto diet plan. 

Q. Can I take this product if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. We do not recommend taking this product if you are or suspect you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. Tested within our clinic, around 40 % of participants experienced a ‘cleanse’ on the second or third day. This is likely to have occurred from the green tea extract contained within the product, however most said it was short lived and not uncomfortable and all participants kept consuming the bears with no further side effects. As always, if under medical supervision please consult your doctor for advise before consuming.

Q. What if I don't like the texture? 
A. Well you can defiantly break the bears in half and swallow with a full glass of water, if you find us a little too sweet. 

Q. Where do we ship too ?
A. Australia wide!

Q. Is my credit card information secure ?
A. Yes ! We use an encryption service to process your payment, your personal credit card information is hidden from us.